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Dogs require at least one hour everyday to run and play.  As most dog owners know it is near impossible to provide your dog with one hour a day to run and play. With so few off leash dog parks, working long hours and naturally needing time to relax after work, providing this kind of care constantly can be more draining than rewarding.

By offering safe and stimulating play for dogs while their owners are at work not only do we improve the health and happiness of city dogs; we improve the relationships with their owners, neighbors, and fellow dogs.

No more destructive or depressed dogs being left alone at home to their own devices. With Momma Jo dogs are provided with an intense workout, stimulating them both physically and mentally. All dogs are trained prior to entering into off leash play or hikes to ensure they are bonded to the handler. That is why our trips are always fun. No dogs running off or misbehaving. Because of the training dogs receive we have never had a lost or injured dog. All canines travel in our climate controlled vehicle, which provides safety barriers. Dogs are provided with cool fresh water and are towel dried and brushed off before returning home from the park.

We offer off-leash playtime with small groups of compatible canines as well as one-on-one walks and training. In addition we encourage our clients to communicate any concerns regarding their canines care and gladly customize our services to cater to them. Dogs in our care are always supervised by qualified professionals and are treated with patience and respect.